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Karina Canellakis and the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra: Beethoven and Adams

New York-born conductor, Karina Canellakis, makes her debut with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra with an exciting program of John Adams and Beethoven, in celebration of his 250th birthday. The concert opens with Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony. Sandwiched between two heavyweights – No. 3 Eroica and No. 5, this Symphony has inspired many composers that came after Beethoven, including Mendelssohn, Berlioz and Brahms. Despite its seemingly ominous and suspenseful opening, the symphony overall has a cheerful disposition; and while you might not be able to hum along with any of the melodies, the symphony sounds quintessentially Beethoven right down to the big cadences, the winding melodies and the drama. Following Beethoven is Shaker Loops by American minimalist composer John Adams. Initially starting out as a musical exploration of rippling water – Adams used repetitive, oscillating melodic fragments that create a shimmering effect, musically painting the water, with waves of energy travelling outward. As Adams developed the piece, it came to also explore shaking – as most clearly demonstrated in the tremolo string techniques. While buzzing with trembling energy, the piece also includes sections of calm and create an environment where the moments of busyness are balanced by sections of tranquillity. It is easy to listen to and get lost in the sound world that Adams creates. PROGRAM: BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 4 JOHN ADAMS Shaker Loops FEATURED ARTISTS: Karina Canellakis – conductor Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

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