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Serenades and Symphony

Enjoy the intimacy and warmth of songs, serenade, and symphony. Written to be enjoyed within the brilliant mosaiced interior of Venice’s San Marco Basilica, Gabrieli's canzons, or songs, from Sacrae symphoniae are infused with a curious mix of restraint, cheerfulness, and soft sweetness. Elgar’s Serenade for Strings marries his characteristic rich lyricism with a beautiful simplicity, creating music that feels intimately personal; fitting for a work that he gifted to his wife on their third anniversary. Despite the scale of many of Richard Strauss’ later works, his Serenade for Wind Instruments takes a Mozartian approach. A product of his father’s love of Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven, reflecting his influence over the young composer, this was a work that Strauss carried with him for the rest of his life; in his own words “not too bad for a music student”. A prolific composer with a history of stepping in and out of the shadows of the repertoire, Boccherini’s music is delightful on its own terms. With the influences of his Italian heritage, extensive time in Spain, and the musical language of the Viennese Classical period, his Symphony in D minor is a sparkling, finely detailed work. PROGRAM GABRIELI Canzon in echo duodecimi toni a 10 ELGAR Serenade for Strings RICHARD STRAUSS Serenade for Winds GABRIELI Canzon noni toni a 8 ELGAR Sospiri BOCCHERINI Symphony No.6 ARTISTS Benjamin Northey, conductor Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Canzon in echo duodecimi toni a 10 by Giovanni Gabrieli ed. Eric Crees is used by permission of Hal Leonard Australia Pty. Ltd, exclusive agents BrassWind.

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