Metropolis: Blood on the Floor


It’s jumpy, angry, and lyrical all at once. Mark-Anthony Turnage’s Blood on the Floor is a striking, melancholy mix of genres that uses classical, jazz, and modern expression to enormous impact. Named for the Francis Bacon painting, Blood on the Floor, is one of English composer Mark-Anthony Turnage’s most celebrated works. It doesn’t conform to musical stereotypes, resulting in a piece that’s utterly imaginative, compelling, and emotionally sincere. Exploring aspects of alienation and addiction, one of the work’s nine movements is a lament of the composer’s brother who died of a drug overdose. Ambitious contemporary ensembles around the world have performed Blood on the Floor since its premiere in 1996. PROGRAM MARK-ANTHONY TURNAGE Blood on the Floor FEATURING Fabian Russell, conductor Carl Mackey, saxophone James Sherlock, guitar Sam Anning, bass Dave Beck, drumkit Blood on the Floor by Mark-Anthony Turnage is used by permission of Hal Leonard Australia Pty. Ltd, exclusive agents for Schott Music Ltd.

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