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New Releases

Season Opening Gala: New Beginnings

"The concert opens with Haydn’s evocative depiction of the beginning of a new day, and Deborah Cheetham’s new work for orchestra and didgeridoo continues with the ‘awakenings’ theme. Mahler’s words about the opening of his first movement, ‘awakening of nature from a long winter sleep’ beautifully describe his intentions." - Jaime Martín Brought to you by our Premier Partner, Ryman Healthcare. The MSO are back in Hamer Hall to dive straight into 2022 and celebrate the debut of Maestro Jaime Martín as our chief conductor. While most conductors like to start out their season with a bang, Jaime takes a different approach with Haydn's Symphony No. 6. Much like the title, Le matin, or "the morning," sound seeps slowly into the hall like sun through a window in the early hours of the day. Drawing on Jaime's interest of warmly filling the space with soft and subtle sound, this piece for a smaller ensemble opens the concert, spotlighting musicians of the orchestra. Like in the way that this piece reflects a new start for Haydn, as it was written during his first year in residence with the Eszterházys, this Symphony marks a start of a new relationship between Jaime and the MSO. Following the Haydn is the world premiere of Baparripna by MSO First Nations Creative Chair, Deborah Cheetham AO in collaboration with William Barton. Baparripna (Yorta Yorta - Dawn): "Waking beneath our mutual sky, all the sweetness of life’s possibilities laid out before us. Dawn sits peacefully and powerfully on the endless horizon of longing for our return. Time has ceased to be linear, if it ever was and Gorngany’s* carolling fills the air pierced with blue solitude. We walk together with our ancestors in this rare light, as our dreams are carried away by the morning star." *Yorta Yorta name for Magpie Composer, Gustav Mahler, once described the first movement of his first Symphony as "awakening nature from a long winter sleep." This monumental symphony premiered with the title "Titan: a symphonic poem in the form of a symphony," with reference to its heroic nature. When writing this symphony, Mahler drew on a range of inspirations; from past romances, to nineteenth-century woodcut prints, a funeral march, nature, and even a nursery rhyme, but it never loses its grounding as an epic, iconic symphony. PROGRAM: HAYDN Symphony No. 6 Le matin DEBORAH CHEETHAM Baparripna (World premiere of an MSO Commission) MAHLER Symphony No. 1 FEATURING: JAIME MARTÍN conductor WILLIAM BARTON yidaki (didgeridoo) DEBORAH CHEETHAM AO composer

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